We tested the Hanse 455, one of the yachts we are considering and the latest 46′ yacht from the German shipyard of Hanse. We took her out in Pittwater in Sydney in light winds gusting up to 15 knots. Even in such light winds the 455 was very slippery through the water, and when the gusts hit she remained on track with no hint of rounding up. The deep rudder ensured she was very responsive, and with Hanse’s signature self-tacking headsail, coming through the wind was very easy, almost a non-event. Unlike here larger Hanse siblings, her freeboard is within reason and shouldn’t produce too much leeway during cross winds or when docking.

With the Hanse 455’s AVS (angle of vanishing stability) at 117 she should be able to handle the worst of the tropical seas outside the hurricane seasons – which we have every intention of keeping out of! At 46′ she has enough storage space for ocean going passages while being small and nimble enough to be a breeze to handle by a couple.

Header image courtesy of Team Windcraft.