We are equipping Tranquilo, our 46’ yacht, to blue water standard. The aim is to keep it simple while ensuring complete safety and comfort for crossing oceans.

Challenges will include 2,900 NM ocean crossings, strong tidal currents in the world’s busiest shipping channels, floating shipping containers, reefs in poorly charted Pacific atolls. And some of the most dangerous coastlines in the world such as Honduras and the Mosquito Coast.

To rise to these challenges, the yacht will be equipped with only the world’s leading and most reliable marine technology including asymmetric spinnaker, hydrogenerator, GPS, AIS, EPIRBs and PLBs, sonar, satellite communications, weather prediction software and image stabilising binoculars.

And the surfboard. Essential for dropping into the surf beaches of Tahiti, Fiji and Nice*

* Especially Nice and other exclusive private beaches where the only way to get a martini or a beer is to get around the beach security by surfing in.