In May 2017 we will be heading off on our 46′ yacht to sail 20,000 nautical miles – 36,000km – around the world. Stay tuned as we prepare for the voyage.

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3 thoughts on “About

  1. Great videosđź‘Ť . I’ve Just found on Youtube. Thank you for sharring. … Croatia’s hidden gems etc. đź‘Ťgreat intertainment for a sailor at heart. Have a great sailing trip.
    Instagram: morten__1234


  2. We have very much enjoyed watching your videos. We can only find the one video regarding crossing the Atlantic. Would love to see them all. Did you stop video taping before you made it home?


    1. Hi Allan, we’re about to publish the second half of the Atlantic crossing video from “Bert” to “Ernie”. We have maintained the videoing all the way through the trip, but it takes us a while to produce each video so making our way through the backlog! Note our Patron community gets to see the pre-release versions several months earlier. Cheers, Fil


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