Sailing into History (Istria, Croatia) – YouTube Episode 4

We’ve set sail, leaving Slovenia for Croatia. First stop is the northern coast of Croatia, Istria. Istria has a long history. It was the second-most important region of the Roman Empire after Rome, producing wines and olive oil, and the Roman heritage is very apparent in this area.

We sail to Umag where we check in to Croatia and meet the very friendly swiss sailors on the yacht Ed Whimper, then head down to Pula with its highly preserved Roman ampitheter and strong Croatian cultural heritage, before heading out to the islands of Unije and Ist and Molat, where we anchor for the first time in the idyllic spot Prolaz Zaputel.

Preparing Tranquilo for Sailing Around the World – YouTube Episode 2

In our Episode 2, we look at preparing Tranquilo for sailing around the world, including final checks of the equipment we have installed, learning to use our assymetric spinnaker, unboxing of our critical equipment, replacing the standard anchor provided by Hanse with a Rocna 33 anchor,  and signing off the handover and celebrating the fact that Tranquilo is now ours!