In May 2017 we set sail in the spirit of freedom and adventure on our 46’ yacht ‘Tranquilo’ to sail over 20,000 nautical miles – 37,000 km – around the world.

We picked up the yacht in the northern Adriatic and are spending five months cruising the Mediterranean before heading across to the Canary Islands. As part of the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers (ARC) we will cross the Atlantic and sail around the Caribbean, including the Windward and British Virgin Islands. Crossing the Panama Canal we will enter the Pacific Ocean and join the Coconut Milk run, island hopping our way to the Galapagos, across French Polynesia, then onto Fiji, Vanuatu and New Caledonia, and Australia. And from there? Who knows!

8 thoughts on “Our 20,000 Nautical Mile Sail Around the World

  1. Hey guys. Your plan sounds amazing. If you are short on crew croasing Atlantic Ocean I would be very interested. I’m RYA day skipper and preparing for RYA yacht master offshore just need the milage. I have lots of experience as was sailing since I was 6 and glad to do anything on a boat. Just a though. Thanks Vit


  2. Great set of videos. I’m looking forward to seeing your adventure. What video editing software are you using? Very sharp.


  3. Hi, I have been forwarded your blog by a hanse broker in Auckland. We also arrive in the med in may 2017 and plan to do the same passages as you guys back to NZ. We have a 2 children 6 and 9. Hope to see you round ! Amber


    1. Hi Amber, that’s great! What’s your plans in the Med and for your trip? Great to hear your children will be coming, our son will be 8 by then so around the same age as your children. We’ll look out for your yacht, what’s its name?


      1. Hi, I actually didn’t realise I was signed in as this. I started playing around with WordPress but haven’t set it up yet. We haven’t got our boat yet but should be putting on offer on one next week. Will let you know as soon as we do ! We hope to start from around Croatia /Greece /turkey and do the arc next year. Spend the season in the Caribbean and then see how it’s going from there ….


  4. Hello El and Fil. We just started watching your video and love them!! We watch two other sailing videos and each brings a different vibe. We love how we feel like we are on vacation when we watch your videos. El you are beautiful! What is your heritage? Your beautiful look is so exotic.


    1. Thank you Rhonda, always great to hear someone loves our videos, makes it all worth it! My background is Australian (with a mix of Swedish, Irish) and Hungarian, Thanks! El


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