Sailing oceans is not something one takes lightly, and to ensure we have a safe and secure voyage, we have taken the time to ensure we have the best equipment on Tranquilo.

We’d like to acknowledge and share with you some of the key marine brands we have selected to equip Tranqilo:

YamahaYamaha is recognised as one of the leading marine outboard brands in the world for performance and reliability. Reviews regularly rate them as the best outboard motors available.

Excel Boats

Excel’s inflatable tenders are highly rated in reviews in terms of performance and durability, and come at a great price


We have chosen the Mantus Scuba Pack for its light weight and simplicity. It will be a great asset for diving and videoing underwater, be it coral reefs or El freediving!

Mareshop logoMareshop, a leading European chandlery, have been fantastic in supplying us with a number of key items including our Rocna 33 anchor.

Watt & SeaWatt & Sea’s 100% renewable energy hydrogenerators are installed on all the Volvo Ocean Race yachts and most ocean race yachts. We chose the best to supply our electricity generation requirements. is the gold standard in marine weather prediction and routing technology and used by the Volvo Ocean Race yachts and many leading race yachts.

2 thoughts on “Recommended Suppliers

  1. I am curious about you experience buying a yacht and taking delivery in Croatia. Did Windcraft meet your expectations, do you recommend them? Did you pay to ship Tranquil from Germany to Croatia and were there any problems? Fees, taxes or other


    1. Hi Mitch,

      Windcraft were fine, we went with them because they had good recommendations in forums. So does the UK distributor Inspiration Inspiration Marine. Note one thing is that while Windcraft and Inspiration Marine use the same commissioning team in Portoroz, Slovenia (Boris’team), Windcraft charge around 16,000 Euros vs 9,000 Euros for Inspiration (which seems to be the standard price for commissioning in Europe based on quotes from another Hanse distributor, and from the Australian Dufour distributor). Regarding transport from Germany to Slovenia, we had a quote from yacht transport company for around EUR 7,500 which Windcraft matched and then handled it as part of the contract.

      I understand an Australian-registered yacht is allowed to stay in Europe for 18 months before having to pay VAT, however we had a customs agent provide us with the required paperwork to show that we were shipping Tranquilo out of the EU – he put down to Montenegro, as it was our first non-EU stop. This paper help clear us out of Slovenia.

      Hope this helps, Fil


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